Thursday, March 27, 2014

CSO Brass Concerts

In my first post I mentioned briefly the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass. I would like to expand this topic a little bit...
Known for the unique, brilliant and powerful sound they produce, the brass players of the CSO have gained worldwide admiration for their performances with the orchestra, and for their chamber music adventures as well.
The CSO Brass started giving occasional concerts independently in the 1970's. Today the group performs in Orchestra Hall, usually during the month of December.
Besides the priceless benefits of their highly inspirational concerts, the group has been performing many original pieces and arrangements, therefore enriching the brass ensemble repertoire.
Members of the brass section are horn players Daniel Gingrich, James Smelser, David Griffin, Oto Carrillo and Susanna Drake; trumpets Christopher Martin, Mark Ridenour, John Hagstrom and Tage Larsen; trombones Jay Friedman, Michael Mulcahy and Charles Vernon; and tuba Gene Pokorny.

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