Friday, February 21, 2014

Vuvuzela and the Berlin Philharmonic Brass

In 2010 South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup, being the first African nation in the history to win the bid for this great event. Organized every 4 years, this tournament brings together the best national football (soccer) teams form around the world.
One of the most memorable aspects of this event, was the sound created during the games by local fans by using a horn, called Vuvuzela. Made from plastic and about 2 ft long, the Vuvuzela produces a loud monotone note. When used by thousands of fans simultaneously, it is easy to imagine the effect created.
 During the month long tournament the Vuvuzela gained worldwide popularity, reaching the peak of it's meteoric rise to stardom by making it into one of the top symphony orchestras in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic.
Watch the video below, and decide if the Vuvuzela ( even if it's plastic!) should be included as an equal member of the brass family.


  1. Very interesting, Zsolt. I remember watching some of those games on TV and being amazed at the amount of sound a full stadium of vuvuzelas creates. If there is any group that can successfully incorporate that instrument in a concert setting, it's the Berlin Phil.

    (Also, I happen to own a vuvuzela, should I bring it into our office? ;)

  2. I want to play it too! This is great!