Sunday, February 2, 2014

Playing fast balkan style

Many of you may be familiar with eastern European brass bands playing Balkan gypsy music. It is quite a site listening and watching these musicians play, especially in live concert.
I had several opportunities to witness these groups performing, mostly on county fair like events around my hometown growing up. What's fascinating about these bands is the real fun these musicians are having while playing everything by memory, most of the time in warp speeds. It's unusual to see brass players perform without the slightest worry of equipment, embouchure, airflow, high-low register approach etc., and these guys are doing it just like that. 
Some of the representative bands for this style are Fanfara Ciocarlia, Goran Bregovic and his band, Fanfara 10 prajini and many others.


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  1. Enjoyed this post! I don't know much about the balkan gypsy brass tradition. Its been great to learn more. The sound is great!